Cisco Systems, Boxborough, MA

Overall technical leader for product management in a $60m/year (revenues) business unit. I spent my time explaining marketing issues to engineering folks and vice-versa.

Multiple inventions related to content distribution, mobile telephony, and wireless networking, with more than 20 patent applications filed. Served on a patent review committee and had an informal mentoring role for inventors.

Product manager for two specific areas: ACNS performance and WCCP protocol features. Also improved the architecture of Cisco ACNS when the opportunity arose.

Co-chair of the IMPP working group in the IETF. 

In earlier work at Cisco, started the Content Alliance and was a leading contributor to content internetworking efforts. Chaired the CDI working group in the IETF. Created and coordinated a 5-location, 20-person architects group to set technical directions for the business unit.