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Archive for September 2018

Mr. Kafka, Your Ad Will Be Reviewed Shortly

or My Book Can’t Be Advertised on Facebook: An Anecdote of Why We Can’t Trust Facebook to Police Content I have recently joined a select group of people whose ads are too dangerous for Facebook to publish. This development came as a surprise to me, since I’m an author with a newly-published book about computer…

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Steal This Book!

Recently, I had an unexpected endorsement (sort of) for my book. At the Museum of Fine Arts Boston (MFA), the MFA Associates are committed volunteers who serve as guides or floral designers. The Associates have a small back office where they can take breaks, stuff envelopes, or read – the office has two shelves of…

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Buying a Signed Book

Sometimes people ask me about my book tour. I guess that a lot of us have a similar half-formed mental image: the newly-published author is being dragged around the country (or around the world) to promote the new book at lots of bookstore events. The good news / bad news for me is that I’m…

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